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Housing Opportunity Initiative

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= Better Housing by Design project =
see main article, [[Better_Housing_by_Design|Better Housing by Design]]<blockquote>&nbsp;</blockquote> <blockquote>''"We know we need more multi-unit housing. These buildings and our mixed-use corridors will accommodate most of the population growth over the next two decades. And they’ll be housing not just single millennials – but families with children and a higher proportion of people of color. We need to design multi-unit buildings with them in mind. And Better Housing by Design begins to do that.'' ''"The&nbsp;[ '''Better Housing by Design Project''']&nbsp;ensures that new multi-family construction will provide more comfortable, healthy and family-friendly units with diverse housing options, safe and attractive outdoor spaces, as well as better pedestrian connections to neighbors and streets. An affordable housing bonus provides an incentive to create even more housing for Portland’s lower income households."&nbsp;'' [City of Portland 2019]</blockquote>

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