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[[Solutionism]], [[Residential Infill Project]] (Portland), [[The Color of Law]], [[Container housing]], [[Homeownership]], [[Parking Dwelling Permit]], [[Stopping house]], [[Homeless shelter design]], [[Affordable Housing Conservation Easement]], [[Housing market segmentation]], [[Cottage cluster]], [[Green zoning]], [[Portland State University 2019 Homelessness report]], [[Tax Increment Financing]], (including Community-Controlled Tax Increment Financing), [[Whiteness studies]] (including "White privilege"), [[YIMBY Godzilla]], [[Owner-occupancy restriction]], [[Right to housing]], [[YIMBYtown 2020]], [[Exclusionary zoning]], [[Theories of urban planning‎]], [[Hyperlocalism]], [[Automatic zoning]], [[Zoning budget]], [[Transfer of development rights]], [[Rent regulation]]
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