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Parking Dwelling Permit

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The idea is that cities, especially in the US, typically have large numbers of free parking spaces that are often unused, or in any case arguably mis-priced. Cities usually also have parking management programs for their parking on public land, e.g. streets, that create zones and rules, and issue different types of permits for parking use (police/emergency, special event, Resident Parking Permit programs, commercial vehicle, etc). 
What if cities extended their parking management programs to create a "Parking Dwelling Permit" (PDP) sub-program, in which certain parking locations might be marked as allowing or requiring such PDPs?  PDPs might be issued in the following waywork as follows: 
*issued by a city office, in cooperation with public and/or private housing agencies *permits are unique, non-transferable, and issued to a particular vehicle or vehicle-dwelling owner *permits might be issued to only vehicles meeting certain inspection standards, or only certain pre-approved units  *permits might be for a specific zone, or a specific specified location, and certain time period.  *permits must be displayed on the vehicle *permitted use would include rules on garbage and waste disposal, nuisances, etc., and can be revoked for violations. *approved units for this use might be supplied by the city, or other parties (e.g. non-profits, donors, crowdfunded) *permits could have a price, or price per time period, to reflect and support public services related to them such as garbage collection, police, fire, etc. 

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