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Container housing

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[[File:Science-and-Mechanics-October-1952-fold-up-homes.jpg|thumb|right|500px|Science and Mechanics, Oct 1952]]
housing created by adapting new or used intermodal shipping containers, or possibly units/modules built similarly to shipping containers and/or  transportable as a special type of.
A related approach is kit &nbsp; Twitter discussion search link: [ #containerhousing].&nbsp; &nbsp; = Overview = &nbsp; = Arguments for = Comment from Leilani Farha, UN Special Rapporteur right 2 Housing, 6 Sept 2019, regarding Barelona container-housing designed to be shipped entirely via :<blockquote>''"Desperate times. Desperate measures. Anything can b a "home" - even a shipping containerscontainer - IF it meets adequacy standards under int'l #humanrights law + IF the ppl who are going to live there participate in the design to ensure it suits their needs.#right2housing #maketheshift"''</blockquote> &nbsp;{{#widget:Tweet |id=1169944226928451584 |conversation=none }}  = Arguments against =
= Vendors / systems =
== Panoramic Interests - MicroPAD&nbsp; ==
= Related approaches =
== Container-like structures&nbsp; ==
== Kit housing delivered by&nbsp;container ==
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