Flexible Inclusionary Zoning

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Inclusionary Zoning is a housing policy approach in which creators of new housing are encouraged or required to offer a certain share of housing to be made affordable by people with low to moderate incomes; or alternately to pay 'in-lieu fees' to support such housing. See more at: Inclusionary Housing.

Inclusionary policies usually set fixed percentages of housing or in-lieu fee requirements, but there is interest in how the requirements might be made more flexible to account for varied and changing circumstances, such as: more or less demand level in different areas; changing business conditions and business cycle; changing construction costs; etc.

Below is a twitter conversation on this topic, 29 April 2019, among various housing advocates.

Below that is an open Google Doc for continuing discussion/notes. To edit, you can use box below (on desktop only), or edit Google Doc directly

Short link to this page: http://bit.ly/FlexibleIZ.

Tweets with hashtag #FlexibleIZ.