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*'''[[YIMBY movement]]''' <span style="font-size:medium;">, [[Reading List]], [[Key Terms]], [[YIMBY organizations directory]], [[YIMBY mission statements]], [[Starting a YIMBY Organization]], [[YIMBY fundraising]], [[Frequently asked questions]], [[Purity test]]</span>
*'''Current Issues''' <span style="font-size:medium;">, [[Proposition 13]], Proposition 13 [[Equity Mapping Project]], [[California legislation 2017-2018]], [[SB35]], [[SB167]], [[AB678]], [[AB71]], [[AB915]], [[AB352]], [[Home-SF]]</span>
*'''Land use regulation''' [[Zoning]], [[Upzoning]], [[Automatic zoning]] [[Inclusionary zoning]], [[Exclusionary zoning]], [[Exclusionary zoning]]
*'''Land use regulation''' <span style="font-size:medium;">, [[Zoning]], [[Upzoning]], [[Inclusionary zoning]], [[Exclusionary zoning]]</span>
*'''Housing:''' [[Social housing]], [[Right to housing]], [[Housing market segmentation]], [[Rent regulation]], [[Affordable housing]], [[Housing affordability]], [[Homelessness]], [[Gentrification‎‎]], [[Filtering]],‎‎ [[Whiteness studies]] (including "White privilege"), [[Accessory Dwelling Unit]], [[Development costs]], [[Inclusionary zoning]], [[Small housing]], [[Missing Middle]], [[Infill]], [[Community land trust]], [[Self-build housing]], [[Housing impact]]  
*'''Housing:''' <span style="font-size:medium;">[[Affordable housing]], [[Housing affordability]], [[Income based housing benefit]], [[Development costs]], [[Gentrification‎‎]], [[Filtering]],‎‎ [[Inclusionary zoning]], [[Exclusionary zoning]], [[Accessory Dwelling Unit]]; [[Social housing]], [[Small housing]],[[Missing Middle]], [[Infill]], [[Community land trust]], [[Self-build housing]], [[Housing impact]], [[Homelessness]],</span>
*'''Current Issues:''' [http://www.yimby.wiki/wiki/Costa-Hawkins_Rental_Housing_Act_reform Costa-Hawkins rent control law repeal/reform], [http://www.yimby.wiki/wiki/SB827 Transit-Rich Housing Bonus (SB 827)], [http://www.yimby.wiki/wiki/SB828 RHNA Reform - SB 828] (housing-needs planning), [[Fort Lawton]] (Seattle housing), [[Proposition 13]], Proposition 13 [[Equity Mapping Project]], [[Home-SF]]
*'''Transportation:''' <span style="font-size:medium;">[[Transit-oriented development]], [[Transit frequency]], [[Bus rapid transit]], [[Light rail]], [[Heavy rail]], [[Bike sharing]], [[Bikeway]]</span>
*'''Legislation:'''[[California legislation 2018]], [[SB831]] (Accessory Dwellings), [[AB1506]] (Costa-Hawkins Repeal), [[SB827]] (Transit-Rich Housing Bonus), [[SB828]] RHNA Reform, [[SB35]],[[California legislation 2017-2018]], [[2017 Oregon State YIMBY-related Legislation]], [[2017 Colorado State YIMBY-related Legislation]], [[2017 Washington State YIMBY-related Legislation]]
*'''Funding approaches:''' <span style="font-size:small;">[[Transfer tax]], [[Land value tax]], [[Public bank]]</span>
*'''Transportation:''' [[Bus rapid transit]], [[Light rail]], [[Heavy rail]], [[Bike sharing]], [[Bikeway]]
*'''Funding & Financing:''' [[Transfer tax]], [[Land value tax]], [[Public bank]], [[Shared equity]]

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