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Science and Mechanics, Oct 1952

Container housing is housing created by adapting new or used intermodal shipping containers, or possibly units/modules built similarly to shipping containers and transportable as a special type of.


Twitter discussion search link: #containerhousing




Arguments for

Comment from Leilani Farha, UN Special Rapporteur right 2 Housing, 6 Sept 2019, regarding Barelona container-housing:

"Desperate times. Desperate measures. Anything can b a "home" - even a shipping container - IF it meets adequacy standards under int'l #humanrights law + IF the ppl who are going to live there participate in the design to ensure it suits their needs. #right2housing #maketheshift"



Arguments against


Built projects



Vendors / systems

Panoramic Interests - MicroPAD 


Related approaches

Container-like structures 

Kit housing delivered by container


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