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YIMBY of Northern Nevada

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'''<big><big>The mission of YIMBY of Northern Nevada is to mobilize our neighbors</big>'''<br />
'''<big>seeking quality housing.</big></big>'''<br />
</small> <br />
<big>'''Join the If you would like to receive information and updates on housing issues in Northern Nevada waiting list for attainable quality housing by sending , send your name and email with the subject line "Quality housing news" to and we will add you to the list.'''</big><br />
<br />
Regenesis in Reno<br /><br />
(617) 694-1624<br />If you would like to support YIMBY of Northern Nevada financially, contact Gordon at the number above<br />or send a check made out to<br />Regenesis in Reno <br /> 561 Keystone Avenue #346Reno, NV 89503   /small>

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