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Social housing under construction in Toronto
Social housing is housing owned and/or managed by governments or private organizations for the aim of providing affordable or otherwise socially beneficial housing.

Unlike "public housing" the term social housing may include a wider range of cases including the significant earlier history of private social housing, e.g. Tower Buildings in Brooklyn, 1879. 


Privately developed

French contract units system

contracting for affordable units in private developments is how France mostly does it:

Inclusionary housing (on-site)


Privately owned

The Fuggerei, Augsburg Germany

the world's oldest social housing complex still in use. It is a walled enclave within the city of Augsburg, Bavaria. It takes its name from the Fugger family and was founded in 1516 by Jakob Fugger the Younger (known as "Jakob Fugger the Rich") as a place where the needy citizens of Augsburg could be housed. By 1523, 52 houses had been built, and in the coming years the area expanded with various streets, small squares and a church. The gates were locked at night, so the Fuggerei was, in its own right, very similar to a small independent medieval town. It is still inhabited today, affording it the status of being the oldest social housing project in the world. [1]. 


On 19thC London private social housing, some sources noted in: 
Gill, Stephen. "Notes" to Oxford University Press edition of The Nether World by George Gissing. 1992:

alt text



"Model Tenement" projects

Tower Buildings, Brooklyn

This 1879 building in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn were build by a private philanthropist to offer quality, affordable worker housing. They are considered the first US "model tenement." 

See Gray (2008), "Architectural Wealth, Built for the Poor."  New York Times. 10 Oct, 2008. 

Interesting short history of over a century of social housing, from the House of Commons Library

YIMBYwiki editor Tim McCormick previously lived next to US's 1st municipal public housing from early 1930s, and later also lived near the 1st US model tenement, the Tower Buildings.